Sunday, 26 February 2012


Rebooting After a big move across the planet, Toy Boot Sale is restarting again. Please take a look at the starter lineup at the new store, with many more coming up for sale, at

Friday, 7 January 2011

'Toy Boot Sale' go semi-pro!


In order to streamline my sales, I have finally setup my online store and Paypal Express Checkout. You can browse for all the items available for sale, add them to the shopping cart and work out the shipping costs. Payment is via Paypal so it is fast and secure. I have added 150+ items for sale, so please take a look over at

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rock TO-FU (Available)

Rock TO-FU (series2 chase) by Play Imaginative

TO-FU Rock

Availability: Available

Price: £10 (GBP)

Description: One of the two chase figure for Devilrobots' Play TO-FU series 2. Also designed by Devilrobots and he's a rocker! ~3" tall.

Cirque de TO-FU

Any questions please email me :)

Play TO-FU Series2 (Available)

Play TO-FU Series2 by Play Imaginative

Play TO-FU Series2

Availability: Available

Price: £15 (GBP) for all four

Description: Devilrobots' Play TO-FU figures back for a 2nd round. ~3" tall.

Cirque de TO-FU

Any questions please email me :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kidrobot TO-FU (Available)

TO-FU by Kidrobot

Kidrobot TO-FU

Availability: Available

Price: £50 (GBP)

Description: Devilrobots joined force with Kidrobot to produce this SDCC 2007 exclusive TO-FU robot. ~10" tall.

TO-FU vs Tofu

Any questions please email me :)

Mr Yeah Kou plush (Available)

Mr Yeah Kou plush by Mr Clement & Salma Kadir

Mr Yeah Kou plush

Availability: Available

Price: £30 (GBP)

Description: Before the adorable Mr Yeah Kou polystone figures, there was a plush :) Salma Kadir bringing Mr Yeah Kou to life in soft and fluffy form. It is about 10" tall and comes with a special badge.

Lapin's new friend

Any questions please email me :)

Saturday, 21 August 2010

2010 Dunnys (Available)

2010 Dunnys by Kidrobot

2010 Dunnys

Available & Price (from left to right):
Esther Kim x3 @ £6 (GBP) each
Sneaky Raccoon x2 @ £6 (GBP) each
MCA £6 (GBP)
Shelterbank x2 @ £5 (GBP) each
Damarak The Destroyer £5 (GBP)
Michelle Valigura x3 @ £5 (GBP) each

Sold: CW, Frank Kozik

Description: Only opened for identification. Box, foil & accessoriesif any) are included.

Any questions please email me :)

Gan Gan - Little Trickers (Available)

Gan Gan - Little Trickers by Play Imaginative

Gan Gan - Little Trickers

Availability: Available

Price: £6 (GBP)

Description: Mini version of some of Touma's well loved figures.

Any questions please email me :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Insane Dunny (Sold)

Insane Dunny by Kidrobot

Insane Dunny

Availability: Sold


Description: He's insane but he's securely tied down (or is he?) 8" dunny by Huck Gee. Brand new in box, never been displayed.

Hopefully all the insanes have been locked up

Any questions please email me :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bentworld Vandals (Sold)

Bentworld Vandals by Kidrobot

Bentworld Vandals (by doc18)

Availability: Sold


Description: Designed by MAD. ~3" tall

Any questions please email me :)