Thursday, 13 August 2009

Unipo (Available)

Unipo by UNKLBrand

Unipo (by doc18)

Availability & Price,
(from left to right) Hee Series 1 Sold, Oop Series 1 £6.50(GBP), Eck Series 3 Sold, Eek Series 3 £4.50(GBP), Blek Series 3 Sold, Bar Series 3 £4.50(GBP)

3 left!!! get them together for £12 (GBP)!!!

Description: Beautifully design mini 2" figures from UNKLBrand. All mint in box and each comes with a fortune-cookie like message.

HEE... (by doc18)we encountered a new shiny communicator last night (by doc18)

Any questions please email me :)